MEF-SDCP Academy

A multi-week, blended learning program for SDCP exam preparation. The SD-WAN
market is one of the hottest in the communications industry, and because of this there
is a huge need for education and alignment on terminology to help increase market
efficiencies. The MEF SD-WAN Standardization is the industry’s first global standard
defining an SD-WAN service and its service attributes to help accelerate SD-WAN
market growth and facilitate creation of powerful new MEF 3.0 hybrid networking
solutions for digital transformation. Getting a MEF SDCP certification comes with
several benefits, and as an accredited SDCP training provider Sunset Learning can help
get you there with MEF Academy and our exam pass guarantee! An exam voucher is
included with the program. This program was created to combat the forgetting curve by
reinforcing training in different modalities, adding additional interactive opportunities
and making the learning more relevant to your business.
 College/campus style learning with content conveyed over a longer duration
» Benefit: Improves synthesis of the material, friendly schedule for learner and employer
Peer and instructor/student interactions
» Benefit: Maintain high-value elements of a live event with breakout rooms
and 1:1 sessions
Content available in multiple modalities and in small chunks
» Benefit: Efficient blend of self-study and instructor-led learning styles to reinforce
learning and improve ease of consumption
Emphasis on exam preparation tools
» Benefit: Exam simulators and group prep sessions included to ensure learner is
confident going into the exam. Each week of the 4-week program you will have the
opportunity to learn and prepare for the SDCP exam through multiple modalities,
as seen below. You will participate in a mix of formal, peer and experiential events,
reinforcing the learning and giving you time to really comprehend the information.

Delivery Options

This is a virtual academy, please contact NCTI Customer Care for dates and times. You must provide your own laptop.

Completion Time

The estimated completion time for this course is four weeks.

Additional Course Information